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Independence vs. cooperation

After working as a Security Engineer for Microsoft and Google, I quit my job in 2013 to pursue a career as an independent Security Researcher. Since then, I've enjoyed the freedom to focus on many different projects and applications, while generating income by discovering and reporting vulnerabilities through Vulnerability Contribution Reward Programs. While working independently has many advantages, it does have one major drawback: no one to bounce ideas off or help you solve problems. So, in order to address this, I am now looking for opportunities to work closer with other researchers again.

I am interested in almost anything related to Computer and Information Security, and my focus has been on web browsers and low-level security issues. I enjoy new and challenging things and would like to work more with applications, protocols and technologies that I have not previously had a chance to investigate. I have the right mind-set and hacker skills to find security issues in practically anything I get my hands on. I have extensive experience in code-review, fuzzing, vulnerability analysis, reverse engineering and exploit development on Windows. This allows me to hit the ground running in any role that requires such skills.

As I am able to generate income in my own time, so I am open to freelance, project based work, as well as part-time and full-time employment. If you have a role that might be a good match to me, let's discuss these options.

I am based in the The Hague area in the Netherlands. Though I have enjoyed working from home for the last ten years, including during my entire employment for both Microsoft and Google, I am open to other options.

You can refer to my Linked­In profile for more details on my past experience. I can be contacted through Linked­In, Twitter or email.

Please note that my personal ethics exclude jobs that involve finding vulnerabilities and/or developing exploits for active use against third parties, such as in government surveillance, law enforcement and cyber-warfare.

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