This is a friendly warning that your web-browser does not currently protecting your privacy and/or security as well as you might want. Click on this message to see more information about the issue(s) that were detected. December 2nd, 2016 MSIE 9 CDoc::Execute­Script­Uri use-after-free

MSIE 9 CDoc::Execute­Script­Uri use-after-free

(MS13-009, CVE-2013-0019)


A specially crafted web-page can trigger a use-after-free vulnerability in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9. I did not investigate this vulnerability thoroughly, so I cannot speculate on the potential impact or exploitability.

Known affected software and attack vectors

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9

    An attacker would need to get a target user to open a specially crafted web-page. Disabling Java­Script does not prevent an attacker from triggering the vulnerable code path.

Repro.html <iframe style="border:1px solid red;width:100%;height:100%;" name="iframe"></iframe> <script>"Repro.xml", "iframe"); set­Timeout(function () {'javascript:void(location.href = "about:blank");', "iframe"); }, 1000); </script> Repro.xml <!DOCTYPE x PUBLIC "" "">


This is the first security vulnerability I sold to ZDI after I quit my job at Google to live off security bug bounties. It appears I either did not analyze this issue (probably), or misplaced my analysis (probably not), as I cannot find any details in my archives, other than a repro and a HTML bug report (provided below) created by a predecessor to Bug­Id. From the information provided by ZDI in their advisory, and Microsoft in their bulletin, as well as the bug report, it seems to have been a use-after-free vulnerability. Unfortunately, that is all the analysis I can provide.


  • June 2012: This vulnerability was found through fuzzing.
  • June 2012: This vulnerability was submitted to ZDI.
  • July 2012: This vulnerability was acquired by ZDI.
  • September 2012: This vulnerability was disclosed to Microsoft by ZDI.
  • February 2013: Microsoft addresses this vulnerability in MS13-009.
  • December 2016: Details of this vulnerability are released.
Bug­Id report: Arbitrary AVR@MSHTML.dll!CDoc::Execute­Script­Uri(ey2j)
id:             Arbitrary AVR@MSHTML.dll!CDoc::Execute­Script­Uri(ey2j)
description:    Security: Attempt to read from unallocated arbitrary memory (@0x14E86F9C) in MSHTML.dll!CDoc::Execute­Script­Uri
note:           Based on this information, this is expected to be a security issue!
application:    MSIE 9.00.8112.16421
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